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Laboratorio 43pottery

Labo & Shop Okinawa

From experience to feeling. Further evolving Okinawa's traditional crafts!

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From experience to feeling. Further evolving Okinawa's traditional crafts!
We sell wonderful souvenirs such as Okinawan goods such as Yachimun and Shisa, as well as Ryukyu glass.
This is a workshop where you can experience coloring Okinawa's traditional pottery "Yachimun" and coloring Okinawa's guardian deity "Shisa."

We carry a variety of brands produced in our workshop, "Laboratorio dal mare."
"dal mare" has the theme of "creation," from professional creations to easy creations.
At ``43pottery'', you can enjoy the theme of ``color'' .
A shop where you can experience and enjoy made in Okinawa has opened in Yanbaru!


252 sumuide nago okinawa.japan  /  Tel. 0980-43-6268

Sister store

Experience making Yachimun pottery at a small workshop on Yagaji Island
Experience making Yachimun as a memory of Okinawa!

There are also souvenirs such as Yachimun and miscellaneous goods recommended for women.
A workshop where you can enjoy Okinawa even on rainy days,
Popular tourist spots in northern Okinawa's Yanbaru region, such as Kouri Island and Heart Rock, are nearby.
Full of recommended spots in Okinawa!
Yanbaru in northern Okinawa,
A small Okinawa experience workshop on Yagaji Island


Yachimun making experience. 1,000 yen coupon available when you make a reservation on our website!

[Sustainable Development Goals]

Currently, there is a shortage of clay in Okinawa.

To cherish the resources of not only Okinawa but the whole country

The clay carved during the product creation experience at Dal Mare

The clay is purified using a regenerator and then used at Laboratorio 43 pottery.

We create and recycle vessels for the Yachimun pottery painting experience.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Leave no one behind

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