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for a 100-day celebration.

30cm large plate painting experience


The 30cm large plate painting experience has begun!

For anniversary gifts and presents...

Please enjoy the dynamic dishes that you can't find anywhere else.

Comes with a special stand





Experience flow

[Reception] Please complete the reception.

[Explain] We will explain the precautions and flow of the experience.

[Start] Choose your favorite dish and decorate it with your own color.

[Photo] Staff will take photos of the experience.

[Delivery] After the experience, it will arrive in about one month. (Up to two months )

[About the finished product]

The baked size will be slightly smaller than during the experience .

Also, depending on the position of the kiln and the quality of the clay ( recycled clay ),

The color and texture of the finished product will vary.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the experience.

For shipping and artwork, click here


Okinawa SDGs

Currently, there is a shortage of clay in Okinawa.

In order to conserve resources not only in Okinawa but all over Japan, the clay scraped off during product production is recycled in a recycling machine and re-purified into vessels to be used during the experience.

[Responsible Consumption and Production]Leave no one behind

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